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DV Art Blog

DV Art Blog

Keep up to date with the ideas, work and rambling of Louise - the artist half of DV Design Studios.

There will be Artists angst, paintings in progress and craft experiments - oh and the odd poem for good measure!

All the news from the shed of creativity that is my canalside studio at Urban Moorings in Wolverhampton.

The Beastly Dog   The 'Beastly Dog' who wants attention. He paws and licks,       and licks and…
Sometime I like to design things just for fun. Purple and lilac are my favorite colours, so I thought why…
Sometimes I wish I was better at sewing...... I had a few lessons at school many years ago, but apart from…
Well I seem to running out of my original paintings and drawings. I suppose it is hard to complain, but…


DV Design Studios is a Creative Collaboration between Alison Tuck and Louise Moore.

Joining together Engineering, Art and Design to work on multi disciplinary projects in both the commercial and community sectors.