Louise Moore

Louise Moore

Louise Moore

"My work has been most profoundly influenced by moving onto a canal boat in 2004. Much of my current work is based on the industrial landscapes new and old of the canals of the West Midlands. I love boats but the main feature of my work is the landscape, and the feeling of space and peace that is present in even the most urban parts of the canal network. Canals offer a wonderful range of landscapes, textures and structures, and of course the ever present added dimension of water!

I  work in many different mediums. I produce work in Oils, Pastel and Pen, and Digitally. Photography also plays a large part in my work, as it was my principle medium when I studied Fine Art at University. Basically I love experimenting with images, colour and shape. I see each picture as a journey, and every time I take it, it is different to the one before."

Louise Moore is a member of the Society of All Artists and is the Membership Secretary of The Guild of Waterways Artists . She is a Director of Harris Moore Canvases Ltd, and a qualified Picture Framer. She has paintings in private and public collections across the UK including Severn Trent Water and Wragg & Co Solicitors.

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Metal Engraving and Custom Shapes

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 14:49

We had a selection of interesting custom jobs come in recently. Clockwise around the photo you can see;


Rebecca brought us a gravy boat and base that she wanted engraving with some custom wording.

Lisa wanted some Tangled Suns designing and cutting.

Gappadan (now this was a challenge), wanted some small brass tubing engraving. This involved designing a jig to keep the small parts in position whilst they were engraved.

Finally a different Lisa wanted some Degus designing an making, to be sold in aid of the Degu Rescue organisation she is involved with.


Never a dull day here.


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Detailed Craft Shapes

Friday, 18 May 2018 20:02

We often get asked to make craft shapes by our customers for a specific project they have in mind. 

Lauren sent us some drawings that she wanted as craft shapes. From these we were able to create vector images and engrave and cut the exact craft shapes she wanted.

You can find them here in our shop

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Teachers Gifts

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 19:15

Claire wanted some custom engraved apples to give as gifts to her children's teachers as an end of term gift.

Pleased to say that she was very happy with the result, and her children were proud to have a personal gift to give their teachers.