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Metal Engraving and Custom Shapes

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 14:49
Published in Custom Projects

We had a selection of interesting custom jobs come in recently. Clockwise around the photo you can see;


Rebecca brought us a gravy boat and base that she wanted engraving with some custom wording.

Lisa wanted some Tangled Suns designing and cutting.

Gappadan (now this was a challenge), wanted some small brass tubing engraving. This involved designing a jig to keep the small parts in position whilst they were engraved.

Finally a different Lisa wanted some Degus designing an making, to be sold in aid of the Degu Rescue organisation she is involved with.


Never a dull day here.


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Giraffe Sculpture

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 18:17
Published in CAD Design

I was commisioned by Art Scene to design a 3m Sculpture of a Giraffe based on the kids dinosaur jigsaw puzzles usually made out of wood or cardboard. This was to go in Giraffe Resturants around the country. 

Artscene are a company that specilises in set design, shop & resturant interiors. They are based in Minerva Works here where I am. They had a contract with the Giraffe chain of resturants to fit out the new resturants they are opening in the uk. 

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Wooden Caravan Project

Sunday, 04 March 2018 17:19
Published in CAD Design

Piers wants to build a wooden caravan. He approached me and asked me to design the outside form for him on CAD. He showed me some pictures of the styles he liked and wanted to reproduce in wood. He also talked about what had inspired him : the wooden Egg boat!