A Difficult Week at DV

A Difficult Week at DV

It's been a bit of a traumatic week at DV studios. We were broken into and had our generator stolen!!


Living and working on a Narrowboat has it's advantages and disadvantages. It's a lifestyle not everyone gets. Living in a 60ft x 6ft metal tube called NB DaVinci is like living in a corridor and you learn to live sideways. It sounds cramped and small when you write it down like that but it isn't. We have a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even a spare room that is our office. 

Our workshop is 50ft x 6ft narrowboat called Lowry. We have what's called a pair. A Motor and Butty. The Motor tows the Butty around the canals. We used to move continuously around the West Midlands canals but we got involved in a project to build moorings and create community space for makers in Wolverhampton. So now we have a mooring.  We are offgrid so we generate all our power either from our narrowboat engine or from our generator and we use the generator to power our workshop. 


We had been doing some painting inside NB DaVinci. I'd put the generator on to power the sander as we were prepping the wood for paint. I sat on the front steps with a cuppa just having a break and out of the window saw a man in a high vis wondering around. The gates that give use access to the moorings are locked as it's a building site under development and isn't open to the public yet so was a bit shocked to see a stranger wondering around.

I quickly got out of the Boat and walked towards him asking what he was doing. He just walked away quickly and that's when I saw the van and his mate. Suddenly realised what they were up to I started to shout what are you doing. They jumped into the van and were gone. I just managed to get part of the reg number.  While I was standing there Lou came up and said the generators gone! 

They had used bolt croppers to cut the lock off the gate. This all happened at just after 12pm at lunch time. They also got our friends generator too. They also moor here and are our business partners for Urban Moorings CIC

We have been searching on Gumtree etc to see if we can see them for sale anywhere, but no luck so far. All the Police have been able to do is to give us a crime number, as they are so stretched they don't even come out any more. No wonder scum like this get away with it, as they can operate with impunity! Now we are out of pocket as we have had to find a replacement. We use the generator to power not just the business, but out home as well. Its not like we have lots of money, and like lots of people nowadays we are just getting by. Feeling a bit better. We have beefed up the security, but it is a sad state of affairs when you have to do this, especially as this a community project.

But now for some more positive news........


Teaser Alert

Louise has been designing some small 4cm square designs for a super secret special new product.
So, what can we share with you? They will be made of wood and acrylic and have a cool feature, are portable and are based on a totally unique mechanical design.
The artwork will be engraved on clear Acrylic.

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