Ear Bud Wraps Design

Ear Bud Wraps Design

We had a request to create some ear bud holders

(I had to explain what they were to Lou). Most are made out of MDF and our customer wanted them in Ply so they could be used for pyrography.

We had a quick search online and found loads of different designs and ways of making them and so we decided to make our own design up for them. 

After several hours of hunting around the boat for different earbuds (we are still in the middle of renovating our boat after the flood so a lot of our stuff is in storage - which means the shed!!) anyway found some and started to play with shapes we have, and adding in the bit for the earbuds. Got a few designs together and sent some samples.

Feedback was yes I like them but...... could they be bigger and could a notch be added for the cable wraps so they dont slip. Looking at the design I decided just a square notch would look a bit ugly so went for a sculpt out and made sure there were notches curves on the sides giving them maxium flexibilty on wrapping the cable around the shape. Sent out version 2 and got this back!

"thank you so much.the earbud wraps are fantastic!!!"

So they are now avaiable in our shop. I will add some more designs as I really like these. I have one to keep my earbuds from tangling. I have engraved some musical notes and my name to personalise mine!!!

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