Giraffe Sculpture

Giraffe Sculpture

I was commisioned by Art Scene to design a 3m Sculpture of a Giraffe based on the kids dinosaur jigsaw puzzles usually made out of wood or cardboard. This was to go in Giraffe Resturants around the country. 

Artscene are a company that specilises in set design, shop & resturant interiors. They are based in Minerva Works here where I am. They had a contract with the Giraffe chain of resturants to fit out the new resturants they are opening in the uk. 

So the process was to model a giraffe then go about creating the sections and the joints so the whole thing interlocked. I can tell you that this was a massive job and took me bloomin ages!!! But I got there.

I created the model CAD model presented it to Jon (Artsene) and waited for his customer (Girrafee) to approve. Well I can tell you I wasnt best pleased when they wanted some alterations. The neck needed to be longer!! So off I went spend several more hours going google eyed making the neck and changing the joints!! The like the new model hooray!!

Just to make sure that everything was right I setup a 1/6th scale model of the sculpture and cut it on my laser. Assembled it and showed Jon who loved it and asked for some more models so he could show his customer. I had a mini assembly factory in the butty to make them. After seeing them in the flesh I fely really proud of what I had designed and the trama of the design and modelling soon disappeared. 

The next bit was out of my hands. I sent the CAD data to another company who had a massive cnc machine, the biggest piece was in the neck and was nearly fits on and 8ft x 4ft sheet of ply. So just a bit big to fit on my A2 laser machine. I was so excited when the pieces arived back here. I helped wiith the assembly and then let Artscene do there magic. It had to be fire retardent ply and paint and I think Lucy (artscene) was loosing the will to live as fire retardent paint goes on like mud! but she got there.

 There is now sculptures at Stanstead, Manchester Airports and Grand Central (New St station) in Birmingham.


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