Wooden Caravan Project

Wooden Caravan Project

Piers wants to build a wooden caravan. He approached me and asked me to design the outside form for him on CAD. He showed me some pictures of the styles he liked and wanted to reproduce in wood. He also talked about what had inspired him : the wooden Egg boat!

So I set about modelling the outside concept to fit in with the sizes he specified. Basically the maximum trailer size you can have on UK roads. He then explained how he wanted to build it, using cedar strips bent around a frame and then a layer of insulation foam and another layer of cedar strips. I worked on a few models for the shaping and made a 3D print, it was a 20cm ish concept model. Piers was really pleased because he could actually see the form and I tweaked a few curves untill he was happy.

After I got my head around a wooden Caravan and how he wanted to construct it out of wood I set about designing the frame work to allow him to layer the cedar strips. Here's the CAD model, Not complicated at all!!! I ran a scale model on my laser and assembled it so Piers could see if it would work for him.

Happy with the design Piers ordered the full scale ribs from a CNC company who have a massive CNC machine able to cut it. Bearing in mind the full size caravan is 2m tall 6m long (thats 6ft by 20ft in old money)! Piers invited me to his workshop to have a look at the frame and how he's getting on with the bending the cedar around it.

He got the frame work finished and started to add the cedar strips. Then he asked me to design the windows to fit in the front. He explained the details the glass makers needed so I set about constructing an Engineering drawing for him.

Today I got an update photo from him he's on the second layer, The frames out and he is starting to detail the inside. Its looks bloody brilliant if you ask me and I am so happy that I have had a hand in making this. Cant Wait to see the finished caravan.

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