DV Cutting Service

Get your product designs custom made online by us. Here at DV Design Studios we have a laser cutter with a maximum Material Sheet size of 600mm x 500mm. The laser we are using is a 60watt CO2 laser.

Our Standard Materials

We have available as standard:
Birch Ply 3mm thick
MDF 3mm thick
Black Acrylic 3mm thick
White Acrylic 3mm thick
Clear Acrylic 3mm thick
Mirror Acrylic 3mm thick

Price Estimate

We Can Source Materials

We are also able to source the following materials:
Oak Veneered Ply 4mm thick
Wood Veneered MDF 3mm thick
Wood Veneered MDF 6mm thick
Various Thicknesses, Colours and Finishes of Acrylic
Various Engraving Laminates
Mylar, Paper, Cardstock and Fabric

You Supply Material

We are happy to cut materials that you supply yourself. These can be sheets of a maximum of 600mm x 500mm up to 6mm thick.
Please note we are unable to cut the following:
Anything containing Vinyl eg PVC

How to Get your design Cut by us?

We need a vector File to load into the Laser Machine. You can supply us SVG, EPS, DXF, CDR, or AI files.

File Requirements

In order for us to cut your design, we require that:
Cut Outlines are in BLACK
Internal Cuts are in BLUE
Line Engraves are in RED
Please see the picture and check your file is setup this way if you are sending us anything other than SVG file. Then Please complete the form and submit your design.
Check your file

Check Your File

We have a SVG editor on this page. Follow the instructions below and check the design is exactly what you want us to cut. Then Please complete the form and submit your design.

Create an SVG

You can use the SVG editor below to create your own design. It has full instructions on how to create any shape/design you wish us to cut for you. Once its completed please complete the form and submit your design.
Upload File to Checker
Upload your SVG file by clicking on the cloud icon in the iframe.
File Dimension Settings
Check the file settings are set to mm (top right menu) then in the bottom left check your dimensions are correct.
Check Line Colours
Make sure each line is coloured to the action you would like:
Black = Outline Cut
Blue = Internal Cut
Red = Line Engrave
Export File
Using the Export menu on the right hand side, create an SVG which will be downloaded to your desktop.
Upload File to Us
Drag your downloaded SVG to the Choose File button on the form, then complete the form and press send.
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DV Design Studios is a Creative Collaboration between Alison Tuck and Louise Moore.

Joining together Engineering, Art and Design to work on multi disciplinary projects in both the commercial and community sectors.