DV Engraving Service

We can engrave items with text or images. We also engrave your own items. Popular items are Wooden boxes, Craft shapes, wooden signs and Chopping Boards. Here at DV Design Studios we have a laser cutter with a maximum Material Sheet size of 600mm x 500mm. The laser we are using is a 60watt CO2 laser.

Our Standard Materials

We have available as standard:
Birch Ply 3mm thick
MDF 3mm thick
Black Acrylic 3mm thick
White Acrylic 3mm thick
Clear Acrylic 3mm thick
Mirror Acrylic 3mm thick

We Can Source Materials

We are also able to source the following materials:
Oak Veneered Ply 4mm thick
Wood Veneered MDF 3mm thick
Wood Veneered MDF 6mm thick
Various Thicknesses, Colours and Finishes of Acrylic
Various Engraving Laminates

You Supply Material

We are happy to engrave materials or objects that you supply yourself. These can be up to a maximum of 600mm x 500mm up to 200mm thick.
Please note we are able to engrave the following:
All types of wood
Metal (black marking only)
However we cannot engrave anything containing Vinyl eg PVC
Engraved Rubber Tyres
Clear Acrylic Sign
Engraved Birch Plywood Craft Shapes
Personalised Chopping Board
Engraved Laminate
Custom Engraved Rubber Stamps
Drawing Engraved on Pine
Personalised Wooden Box
Engraved Metal
Acrylic Craft Shape
Engraved MDF
Photo Engraving
Engraved Slate
Engraved Coloured Glass
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DV Design Studios is a Creative Collaboration between Alison Tuck and Louise Moore.

Joining together Engineering, Art and Design to work on multi disciplinary projects in both the commercial and community sectors.