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New Product Teaser
It's been a bit of a traumatic week at DV studios. We were broken into and had our generator stolen!!
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My Ear Bud Wrap
We had a request to create some ear bud holders (I had to explain what they were to Lou). Most…
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Boat Fit out One Year on.
Well its a year since out boat decided to leak and the water damage meant that we had to completely…
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Finished Woodwork of Wooden Caravan
Piers wants to build a wooden caravan. He approached me and asked me to design the outside form for him…
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Funny 'ol Start to 2017
Well erm.... not exactly what we had planned for 2017! Our home had a flood. At first we thought it…
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Giraffe Scale Model
I was commisioned by Art Scene to design a 3m Sculpture of a Giraffe based on the kids dinosaur jigsaw…