Boat Fit out One Year on.

Boat Fit out One Year on.

Well its a year since out boat decided to leak and the water damage meant that we had to completely strip it out; but we are getting there!! We've had the stretch done and that bit is now our new bathroom. Which yes has a bath!! Its the only thing I have really missed about living in a house many many many moons ago!!.

So we have a five foot bath shower. The other thing was Lou was never happy with the Kitchen on "Old DaVinci" so she wanted a larger Kitchen this time with a gas cooker. Now gas on boats is not my favourite thing as it means changing large gas bottles which live in the front gas locker. So a deal was done that if she wanted Gas then she would always change the bottle!!!! Now we have a large Kitchen in the boat with gas cooker (but somehow I still have to help changing the bottles - I wos conned)!!! 

We used to cook on an epping (which is a smaller rayburn for boats) and it also provided our heating!. So with that gone we needed to have a wood burning stove for heating. Friends of ours have a boatman and they are small yet give out a lot heat so we ordered one. The boatman now comes in colours other than black!!! We now have a nice shiny silver Boatman stove in the front with rather nice tiles surrounding it.

Now so far it seems that everything was going OK with the fitout!! But the gods decided that having to rebuild wasn't enough (we must make more offerings of mobile phones etc to the water Gods) so they chucked a few more things at us!! The inverter that generates our 240v power decided to pack in!. We hadnt budgeted for this!!! It meant other things had to go on hold untill we saved enough money!! Namely the cross over matress. New inverter fitted and working!. In the mean time the washining machine that we had bought second hand to save some money decided that it didnt like our inverter so we had bought a brand new one! More money which we hadnt budgeted for. Again a delay in the matress.

Sleeping on an air bed is great when the air stays in the air bed. We had a month of walking up on the floor and having tio switch the air pump on at ungodly hours as my back dosent like sleeping on the floor. Finally managed to save enough money for the new matress Ho **** ing ray!!!! It was delivered and a friend helped me build the frame for the cross over bed. We did it in a day!!! I can tell you that night was the best sleep I had had in years!!!!!

What left to do, Portholes to fit on the left (Port if your nautical) Final boarding in the bedroom and back cabin (The Chart Room if you talk to my misses!!) Last few Deck boards on the engine bit and boxing in all the electrical gubbins that make life easer when on a boat!! A few shelves in the back cabin/office. Planning on doing this in april Easter holidays. Then the big job of painting needs doing, Painting inside and out!! Still can't decide on the boat colour, Its currently Black and Purple, Lou's wants to go for a Matt Grey! All I can think is it will look like a battle ship!! Oh well either way its gonna be fun!!!

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