Funny 'ol Start to 2017

Funny 'ol Start to 2017

Well erm.... not exactly what we had planned for 2017!

Our home had a flood. At first we thought it was just the calorifier (hot water tank for you land lubbers) as most of the water was in the bathroom which is at the back of our boat. So we stripped out the floor to check for damage and found it was a lot worse than we thought. It had destroyed the floor boards.So onto the insurance, they sent out a boat surveyor who wasnt sure it was just the calorifier. As we started to strip out it became apparent it was far worse than the bathroom.

Sooooooo decided to strip out everything below the gunwales and start again (easier than it sounds as almost all of the furniture is built in). We had booked in for a stretch on our boat (extention to land lubbers) this is due to start April 2017. It was going to be cut of the front and add in a 10ft section giving us a larger saloon (living room!! Land lubbers! lol) With the flood and money limits we decided to rearrange things and have a 6ft section in the middle which will be a bathroom.
Confused! lol it just worked out that we will have to do most of the work as we cant afford to have a boat builder do the repair work and do the stretch (even with an insurance payout) As we fitted her out its not so bad because we know what to expect!

I have redesigned the layout and on CAD as you do! Started the planning and materials sourcing at the same time the surveyor has been down a few times to try and establish where we have a leak!. The Insurance wont pay out untill they know exactly what has caused the leak. Well once we had removed the cold water tank because we thought one of the seams had split which it has but isnt leaking that much, we inspected the hull behind as we noticed water streaks down the hull.
With some releif we can now move forward with confidence that this is the cause of the water and relief that it wasnt anything we did when we fitted her out in the first place, So after weeks of stripping out and having to lift ballast to dry it we have finally started the refit. Boards have gone up, lights have gone in, Bottom blacked and ballast being put back in its rightful place. (this is where the gas locker is). And to our annoyance decovered that the boat builder hadnt fully welded this part of the boat.

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