Craft Shapes

Hello! We make craft shapes that come in all shapes and sizes.
We use quality Birch Ply and MDF and we even make Acrylic shapes.
Browse our shop for shapes you can paint and decorate to add that
Personal Touch to your creations.

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Personalise Your Project

Shop now to see our selection of stock items that can be engraved with special names and dates.

If you see something different in our shop you would like to personalise just let us know.

Or you have an idea for a different shape or design please get in touch as we are happy to make this for you.

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Laser Services

If you have an idea for an amazing design or product, we offer laser cutting and engraving services to turn your designs into reality. You can send us vector files for us to cut, or just a sketch or a photo of your idea and we can make it happen. We have no minimum order, so if you want to have 1 to test out an idea, or you need 100 to meet your orders we can help. Don't forget we cut and engrave MDF, Ply and Acrylic as standard, and we offer other materials too.

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Some of our Fun Facts

Laser Cutting and travelling on our boat we rely on our cups of tea to keep us going. Something going wrong? Have a cup of tea. Long day of work? Have a cup of tea. Tea greases the elbows of industry!!!

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